Sub Titling / Voice Over / Transcription


Subtitling involves display of text versions of the audio dialogues in audio-visual content including films. Subtitles are essentially a feature that appears at the bottom of the screen and could be loosely termed as the storyline of the presentation or the movie. Subtitles could be the text of the storyline and dialogues in the same languages or a different language through the process of transcription and translation. Hearing-impaired or deaf audiences have no other recourse but to rely on subtitling on your presentation. Our expert team at Perfect Language Solutions will effectively convey the contents of the video files or documentaries in different languages as required. The originality of the content is maintained when doing a subtitling project with localization. We ensure the documents are localized if needed.

Voice Over

Our team of translators and voice over artists at Perfect Language Solutions will ensure the project is completed with perfect timing sense, needed modulations and accents. Should you need a localization we recognize the sensitivities of the locals when localizing the voice over. We recognize the sensitives of the locals when localizing the voice over. Perfect Language Solutions does voice over for e-learning materials, audio voice, PowerPoint voice, narrations, commercials, voice mails, professional voice recording, video, documentaries and advertisement, voice overs.


We offer a fast and professional audio transcription service converting a spoken language source file into written form. Upon listening to your recording, we will appoint transcribers who specialize in the required subject matter to type out word-for-word what is being spoken. We can also subsequently translate your transcript.