Mobile app translation

Why limit your business to one marketplace?

Our mobile computing team offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your mobile computing needs. We translate and help you publish your apps in different languages. We offer service in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 mobile. Be it internationalization or localization of your product, you can count on us. We offer just-in-time delivery model for your needs. While our translators are translating your contents into different language our developers will be designing, developing and testing your applications. We can give your mobile applications a global market and help you boost your sales. Apart from designing, we also offer consultations for your apps and help you boost your sales. Contact us today to request a quote, or talk to us or email us your requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you know?

Consumers in more than 120 countries have access to local Google Play, the Apple App Store.
Companies had an increase in download volume by 128% when they introduced native languages.
Revenue increased 26% for few companies.

*Source : Distomo

How do we localize your iOS and Android Apps?

1 . Create business case: When you contact our team we assign a project manager to contact you and know your business. We learn your business and our business analyst writes the business case and sits with you to design the screen flows.

2. Assign translation resources: We assign native speakers of the language who have the right domain expertise to translate the contents for you.

3. We also assign localization experts on a need basis and help in understanding the local time, currency, and right- to-left layout ( In case of Urdu, Arabic etc.).

4. Once the translation is completed, our panel of proofreaders validates the contents for accuracy. Our developers receive the translated strings and move them back to the app and test for localization issues. Our testing team ensures your app works flawlessly.

5. We work with you to test the apps in different environments to make sure they meet your demands. We also test with local stakeholders to review your product and to get a firsthand review of your products through crowdsourced testing.

6. We assist with your app promotions and give you three months of after-sales support.