Christian translation

When Jesus was leaving the earth, he said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature(Mk 16:15). The Master’s command must be obeyed; however, the question is how? seeing that we live in a world with many different languages. Our goal at Perfect Language Solutions is to bring the solution to the problem of howto get the gospel to every creature. At Perfect Language Solutions, we believe your ministry aims, goals, motivations, books, sermons etc. must be communicated clearly in the language of the people you intend to reach and this without any form of distortion whatsoever. This is the reason why we have built the best team of born again Christian translators who specialize in different types of Christian translation services such books, videos, voice over, sermons, gospel tracts, christian websites,devotionals, articles, pamphlets, brochures and many more. At very affordable rates, we are equipped, trained and ready to translate all of your works fluently into over 100 different languages. Whether you need your Christian book to be translated or you want to send emails to the ministries overseas or businesses you want to work with, or probably you even need help with a phone call, just contact us. We have got you covered on all sides.

Christian sermon translation

Just like you, we believe that your Spirit inspired sermon must reach as many people as possible so that they may be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. Therefore, language should not be a barrier to getting your message across to the world. With our Christian sermon translation service, you can be rest assured that the content and meaning of your sermon will be preserved yet clear to the foreigners you intend to reach.

Christian subtitle services

The lack of effectiveness of many audio-visual contents such as documentaries, sermons and films is due to the inability of the audience to hear what is being said sometimes because of the accent of the speaker and at times, the audience might be deaf. Hence, the need for a good subtitling service which will ensure that the voice content is put in text format either in the same language or in a different one through the process of transcription and translation. This is something we do professionally with relative ease at Perfect Language Solutions.

Christian website design and localization

In today’s world of information technology, nothing builds the reputation of a brand and even Christian ministries more than an attractive and easy to use website. Ensuring that your christian website is accessible beyond language barriers could be very tricky considering the nuance in encoding, designing, and Unicode. However, for us at Perfect Language Solutions, this is no problem at all. We have got you covered.